8 September ’22 – Captain’s Cabin

Happy Friday!
Whilst our small country is experiencing a nationwide drought and inflation rates are going through the roof, our members seem somewhat concerned where the “shipping markets” are heading to in September..
During these uncertain times, the board of LINK MARITIME feels the responsibility to keep the entire maritime industry properly hydrated. As such, LINK cordially invites YOU to their next event…
Where: Captain’s Cabin (Calandstraat 8A, Rotterdam)
When: Thursday 8 September 2022
Time: 18:00 – 23:00 hrs
Food: Don’t expect a 3-course dinner, but there will be enough food to keep you up on your legs…
Registrations: As the terrace of Captain’s Cabin has physical limits, please register your attendance beforehand by sending an email to info@link-maritime.com
Side note: We have arranged an acoustic act during the evening. If you can’t stand live music, choose your battles wisely…
Do you wish to bring your family, a friend you wish to introduce to the wonderful world of shipping or just a bunch of colleagues? We tend to say: more souls bring more joy.
Looking forward to toast!

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