7 October ’21 – General Meeting De Machinist

The meeting moments

Date:                            7th of October 2021

Location:                       De Machinist, Rotterdam


Board   :     
President:                                          Toon Le Coultre – present
Secretary:                                          Hans Groeneveld – absent
Treasury:                                            Natasja de Groot – present
General Boardmember:              Jasmijn van Loon – present
General Boardmember:              Gijs Kampschöer – present
General Boardmember:              Ivo Audenaerd – absent
General Boardmember:              Iris van Laar – present


No. of members:            11

  •  Opening

Toon Le Coultre opens the meeting and welcomes the attendees.

  • Short summary of our last General Meeting 5th November 2020

During our online general meeting on the 5th of November 2020, we announced that we would continue in organizing interesting events, despite the COVID-19 pandemic. We would be continuing the success of LINK.

  • Organize great events.
  • Members joining and enjoying the events.
  • Increase of memberships.

  • Annual Report

We look back on a difficult start of the year. Due to the COVID-19 restrictions we were not able to meet live. We therefore organized the first 5 events online:

We kickoff the year in November with the, “On-line with Wine” event. Great wines from Wijn aan De Kade where send to members’ homes. The Month thereafter we organized an online Pubquiz in December. We kicked off the year 2021 with the online beer tasting from brewery Vet&Lazy. Followed by a magic night with Jochem Nooyen in February. HNY Basement teaches us the fine tricks of creating great cocktails in March.

In April 2021 the COVID rules started to loosen up. We were able to organize a “Walking Link” event. A walk around the Kralingseplas. Continued in May with the Tasty Walk in the city center of Rotterdam. We were throwing Kubbs on the Noordplein in June at the Container Bar. The first event inside a venue was in July, the 1st. We organized an event at GaleriAAA. In August we had a tremendous dinner at Grand Café De Dijk. Captains Cabin took care of us in September with herring and wines.

Despite the COVID pandemic we succeeded the difficult year to have every month a get together, online in the beginning and later live.

  • Financial Annual Report

This year we have spent about 8.000,- euro to events, about 1.500,- euro to general costs and we have received about 18.000 euro,- from our members. 

Due to the COVID-19 measurements and all the online events we have organized this year we have not spend the amount of money that we have received from our members. This has made it possible to make a reservation of 4.000,- euro for our next lustrum party. This reservation, together with the reservation of last year, it makes it a total of 7.000,- euro which is reserved. The rest of the money we have not spend last year can be spend the upcoming year to some bigger events. 

  • Report Treasury Committee [Jochem Donkers and Siwart Mackintosh]
  • Treasury Committee 2021-2022

Jochem Donkers and Siwart Mackintosh

  • Contribution 2021-2022

We would like to propose to keep the contribution the same:

Company membership: EUR495,- 

Personal membership: EUR95,-

Discharge Board 2020-2021

Despite it was a difficult year we entrust everybody agrees the board to stay this year.

Interested to become board member please let us know!

  • Board 2021-2022

We propose the following board 2021/2022

President:                                 Toon Le Coultre

Secretary:                                 Hans Groeneveld

Treasury:                                   Natasja de Groot

General Boardmember:             Jasmijn van Loon

General Boardmember:             Gijs Kampschöer

General Boardmember:             Ivo Audenaerd

General Boardmember:             Iris van Laar

  • Plans 2021-2022

We would like to go with the flow we are in now! And hope to continue organizing live events.

We have the following events in mind:

  • Stoom & Chroom
  • Gin in Schiedam
  • Aloha
  • Euromast Restaurant (diner event)
  • Harbour Club
  • De Kleine Ondeugt
  • Wine tasting
  • Karaoke Bar Fame
  • Mooie Boules
  • Walhalla Pubquiz

There is interest in consolidating with some events with other network associations.

We look forward seeing Members joining and enjoying the events upcoming year.

We also keep a certain focus on increasing memberships. If you know a company or person that would be interested in LINK please bring them along with you to an event.


  • Questions?
  • Closing

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