4 February ’21 – Magic night

Dear members, 
We can imagine everybody has had her or his fair share of awkward on-line events, but in some way, the past Link events were surprisingly successful!

However, we do want keep you entertained, and therefore we have set up something a little different than the other times. First of all, we’d like to tell you a bit about our involvement and developments regarding the Young Maritime Board. The Young Maritime Board represents the next generation of leadership in Rotterdam Maritime Capital of Europe. The board consists of members from various networking initiatives (including Link!) for young professionals in the Rotterdam region. See also https://www.rotterdammaritimecapital.com/young-maritime-board.

On top of that, we have invited Jochem Nooyen, an illusionist who adds a bit of content and a personal touch to an event that promises to be very exciting! To also take care of “the inner man”, we will provide some local Rotterdam snacks to accompany the show. You’ll find a sneak preview on https://www.jochemnooyen.nl/en/.

The event will start at 20:15 and the content part will last about an hour. After that of course there is time to socialize! For Jochem’s show, your loved ones are also welcome, just make sure kids watching are over 12!

The link to the on-line event will be provided some days before the event. If you would like to receive the surprise bites box to your home, please provide the address you’d like to have it send to before January 28th to info@link-maritime.com.

Best regards,
Board of Link Maritime