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LINK is a maritime network association for young professionals. LINK was founded in 1989. Over the past years LINK has become a well-known association within the maritime community.

At the moment LINK has around 50 company and personal members active in the maritime sector who meet each other at monthly events.

Expand your professional network

Learn about the latest ins and outs in the maritime sector

Share knowledge and experience

Do business

Meet new friends

The next link in your chain

Expand your professional network. Learn about the latest ins and outs in the maritime sector. Share your knowledge and experience. Meet new friends.

What our members say

As an expat moving to Rotterdam, I had no local network. Link gave me access to an extensive network of Maritime professionals, and even helped me make a few friends. Every meeting has a friendly and casual atmosphere where I’m equally comfortable discussing the technical challenges surrounding the 2020 fuel shift or the wine bar I should visit during an upcoming trip to Breda. There’s never a bad Thursday to drink with Link!
Christopher Jonhson
Stolt Tankers
Link Maritime stays true to its name: it offers a laid back, accessible environment to meet young people from the maritime and offshore industry. I can definitely recommend it: I came to my first Link Maritime meeting by myself, and was welcomed warmly, had a wonderful evening and ended up winning skybox tickets for FC Utrecht.
Bella Heilbron
Loyens & Loeff
The Rotterdam harbour area is a conglomerate of various maritime/ offshore operating companies... therefore the variety of Link Maritime members provide a good networking basis in order to get to know what happens in the harbour area on a monthly basis.
Susanna Schipper
Sledge Hammer Engineering International

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