10 February ’22 – A toast to new beginnings


Dear members,

We are sure you followed yesterdays press conference about the new measures.
We followed it closely and are  excited to see you all again!

After consulting with Vessel 11 we decided that a pubquiz with 70 members will unfortunately not be achievable with the current measures, but we managed to arrange a drink.

When: Thursday 10th of February 2022
What time: Door opens 18:30 hrs (door closes @2200 hrs) 
Where: Vessel 11, Wijnhaven 101, Rotterdam, 3011WN

Please leave a message to info@link-maritime.com  if you are planning to come along.

We will have tons of fingerfood and we would be delighted to toast to new beginnings! 

We hope to see you around!

Board of Link Maritime

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